Robert Miller

About me

I'm the Co-founder and CEO of Honeycomb Health. We help patients with rare diseases manage their health information and accelerate drug development. I'm deeply interested in digital health and passionate about using it to improve people’s lives.

Previously I've published medical research, worked as a quant, and was Director of Business Development for Medicalchain. Outside of Honeycomb I run a blockchain meetup in New York City, advise a few projects in the sustainable development space, as well as serving on PhUSE's blockchain working group and the IEEE Blockchain in Healthcare Standards Development Working Group. I've been in and out of the crypto space since 2011, but fell down the rabbit hole again in 2017.

I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, spent a year in London, and now live in New York City. I speak at conferences, like Consensus 2018 or ProcureCon, and private events occasionally.

I write here and manage the Beyond Blocks newsletter, which you can sign up for here.


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