Note: This list assumes that the reader has a general understanding of blockchain technology. If you’re new to blockchains I would recommend Andresseen Horowitz’s excellent and comprehensive Crypto Canon to start with.

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Will Blockchain Save The Healthcare System?

2016 ONC Blockchain in Health IT challenge winners remain evergreen reads to this day

Top 15 Healthcare Blockchain News Stories of 2018

Ten predictions for the near future of healthcare

HIMSS Blockchain Task Force

How Blockchain Technology Could Disrupt Healthcare


Former US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s article on blockchain and healthcare

Blockchains for biomedicine and health care are coming. Buyer: be informed

Healthcare and Biomedical Blockchain Project Landscape

Platform neutrality in healthcare

Competing models for genomic data marketplaces

Non-fungible tokens and healthcare

Synaptic Health Alliance Leaders Discuss Details on Their Project

Healthcare and tokens

Healthcare ICOs status

Venture capital in the blockchain in healthcare market

Applications of blockchain in healthcare

Prototype of running clinical trials in an untrustworthy environment using blockchain

Bitcoin for the biological literature

Distributed ledger technology in clinical trials

Synaptic Health Alliance Whitepaper on provider data directory management

How open blockchain networks can lower the cost of health insurance

Blockchain in Health Insurance: More Accuracy, More Transparency and More Efficiency


Heather Flannery, Global Lead at ConsenSys Health and co-founder at Blockchain in Healthcare Global’s webinar series

Hashed Health’s podcast series

Health Unchained’s blockchain in healthcare podcast


Hashed Health’s newsletter

Beyond Blocks

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