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I'm Director of Product Management and Strategy at ConsenSys Health, where we are building privacy preserving machine learning tools for healthcare enterprises. In previous jobs I've been a founder and CEO, as well as a quant at a hedge fund. I'm a part of a few other things you can see here.

I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and now live in New York City. I speak at conferences like Consensus 2018, Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International, and HIMSS19, as well as private events occasionally. I write here, and manage a newsletter on healthcare and technology you can find just below this. These days I spend my free time researching and thinking about crypto, Kierkegaard, longevity, quantified self, and synthetic biology. Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about any of those things.


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The Narrow Path
To overcome the threat we are faced by the coronavirus pandemic we must reject both fatalistic pessimism and blind optimism.
MELLODDY and the Privacy and Accuracy Frontier
How to think about privacy and accuracy tradeoffs in federated learning networks
Blockchain & Healthcare in 2019
A review of blockchain and healthcare in 2019.
Federated learning for healthcare
What federated learning is and why it is important.
Wearables & COVID-19
An analysis of some of the ethical concerns with implementing wearables in response to COVID-19, and a look at some alternatives that preserve both utility and privacy.
Resolving health data's Goldilocks Dilemma
The Health Data Goldilocks dilemma: too much sharing is bad, but too little sharing is equally as bad. Technology can help us resolve this tension.
Healthcare & Platform Neutrality
Platforms in healthcare are too important to leave to the control of a single or a few companies. Blockchains can help keep them open and neutral.
Blockchain and the LHS
Blockchains can help us resolve long standing issues and ethically implement an Learning Health System.
Health data as labor
How should we think of our health data? It is our "property?" Perhaps "oil?" In this article we make the argument for treating health data as labor.
On the sale of health data
Your health is being sold without your knowledge. That's rapidly going to end.
Preserving Privacy & Promoting Learning
We need a new Belmont report. Emerging technologies should be at its core.
Healthcare ICOs Update
A follow up on my previous healthcare ICO analysis with some new data on platform usage and geographical focus.
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