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Every Sunday I send out a free blockchain and healthcare with top stories and ideas. I’m proud that leaders from some of the world’s top healthcare and life sciences organizations receive and read my newsletter every week.

Now twice a year I’m going to be putting out a report on the state of blockchain and healthcare summarizing 6 months worth of news. Whereas my newsletter contains week to week updates, this report will take a more high level look at industry trends and contain more long form commentary. As always, I’ll be experimenting to find the best way to add value, and am open to ideas. This inaugural biannual report will be free, but future editions will likely not be.

2019 has been an exciting year. As I reviewed the stories I had curated for my readers I noticed three trends that stood out:

  1. Major new business networks are being formed
  2. Acquisitions and venture capital investment are at an all time high
  3. Supply chain applications of blockchain are seeing the most activity in healthcare

I highlight each of these trends in this report, unpacking stories, giving context, and sharing commentary. Further, there are a number of stories which are notable, but which didn’t fit neatly into a trend that I’ve included at the end.

There is deeply important work being carried out today that has the potential to be the foundation for healthcare tomorrow. I hope this report serves as a useful guide to that work and can play some role in ushering in tomorrow’s better healthcare system.

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